Whole Foods Feeds the National Guard and Twitter Explodes

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Whole Foods is the devil! Or so you’d think, judging by the internet’s reaction to the grocer’s recent escapades. What terrible act did they perpetrate? Whole Foods gave water and turkey sandwiches to members of the Maryland National Guard.

The criticism came Tuesday after one of the local supermarkets posted on their social media accounts:

Source: Whole Foods Market

Source: Whole Foods Market

“We teamed up with Whole Foods Market Mt. Washington to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping Baltimore safe. We are so thankful to have them here and they’re pumped for Turkey & Cheese,” one of the supermarket’s local store’s posted online.

Whole Foods “unforgivable act” quickly brought them a tirade of negative feedback. Those who took to the internet to complain about Whole Foods’ kindness were upset that they were feeding Law Enforcement instead of Children.

The angry internet-goers were under the impression that since school had been canceled, children in less fortunate families were going hungry without the government funded free or reduced lunch program. Unbeknownst to these individuals, these the vast majority of these children’s parents also receive SNAP benefits. They did not go hungry.

Instead, these internet users were likely upset with the fact that Whole Foods supports Law Enforcement and the rule of law.  A troubling position for a corporation to take, right? How dare they feed our nation’s protectors.

Before you start wondering if there is any humanity left in America, we are happy to report that an equally large number of individuals spoke out in support of Whole Foods. The grocery store issued this statement to ABC defending their actions:

“We’re all Baltimoreans and have supported community organizations for many years to improve lives around our city. Currently, we are providing food and water to children across our city by partnering with rec centers and community organizations, and have been doing so in parallel with providing food and water to first-responders”

The original social media post has since been deleted.

“We removed the post because it did not accurately reflect all our local stores are doing to feed people across this city, especially children,” a spokeswoman said. “Again, we love our community, and will continue to support our city in the days to come, as we always do, and extend our heartfelt sympathy to those affected.”

Do you think Whole Foods did the right thing? What would you say to those protesting their decision? 

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  1. It’s all good though. Like Chik-Fil-A, they’ll experience a boon to their business because of their kindness. The progressives are the only group of people who can take an act of kindness and make something ugly out of it. The rest of the world rewards kindness still. So Whole Foods shouldn’t fret…they’ll come out on top despite the whining and bitter self righteous rage from the “tolerant” left.

  2. Avatar Geri Sheehan | May 1, 2015 at 2:31 pm |

    Your kindness and support of our protectors will be rewarded ten fold. How wonderful of you!!

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