Tyranny In The North? New Massachusetts Authoritarian Gun Law

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If today hasn’t gone well for you, here is something to be thankful for – you don’t live in Massachusetts.


Last August Governor Deval Patrick (D) signed a new Gun Control bill. It mandated that police assign a school resource officer and that mental illness and substance abuse be reported to the Federal background check system. Unfortunately, it did not stop there.

The state’s Democratic leadership already had established arguably the worst gun control laws in America. However, that was not enough for the Progressive leadership. The new bill also went so far as to create a set of new gun crimes, such assault and battery by discharge of a firearm. Sentences for ‘gun crimes’ were also enhanced.

The bill has made it much more difficult to obtain a firearms license – a permit to own a gun, not to be confused with a Concealed Carry Permit – by doubling down on the strict requirements. Any felony conviction is a lifelong dis-qualifier – regardless of the nature of your crime (this is not true for many states, despite incorrect common knowledge).

In addition to the ownership restrictions, the state is in the process of developing an online system for private firearms sales – also known as ‘expanded background checks‘ – anyone selling or transferring a firearm privately must first receive approval from the state.

Side Note: An impromptu Gun Registry is required for private sale background check laws to be enforced – much like how our vehicles are registered with the DMV.

State Democrats were likely surprised to find that despite the crackdown, The Boston Globe reports that the people of MA have been coming out in droves to apply for their concealed carry permits.

“Statewide, the number of active Class A licenses—the so-called license to carry category that broadly includes the right to carry a concealed weapon—grew nearly 12 percent between 2013 and 2014. That was a significantly greater jump than in past years, a Globe review of data from the Firearms Record Bureau found.

Overall, the number of active gun licenses of all types grew 5 percent, with a total of 355,272 in the state last year. All but five of Massachusetts’ 351 towns and cities saw increases in the number of Class A licenses from 2013 and to 2014.”

Perhaps the people of Mass. have finally woken up to reality: as the leftist legislators they have elected continue push gun control, violent crime has not decreased in the slightest when compared to the national average.

The People Of Massachusetts are responsible for the mess that they currently find themselves in. As Law Abiding Gun Owners, we cannot let this precedent stand. It is time for the Supreme Court to take up this issue, for better or worse.

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6 Comments on "Tyranny In The North? New Massachusetts Authoritarian Gun Law"

  1. I live in Massachusetts and do have a class a unrestricted license to carry but I must write a book to buy a gun

  2. Avatar Allan Whitaker | April 27, 2015 at 6:33 am |

    We can’t even require an ID to vote, yet we can require a permit, application and fee to exercise the right to keep and bear arms. Seems to me that if you have to ask permission from the state to use your rights, they are not rights at all…

  3. Avatar Jonathan Bolinger | April 27, 2015 at 9:25 am |

    If I lived their I would move out of the state and tell all of my family and friends and neighbors to do the same and then the state would go broke because of the gun bans. Then the governor did might withdrawal the gun band if a lot of people move out of these states. And the government will have to follow suit.

  4. No one should have to have a permit to carry . Several states are going away permits and letting people carry with out one.

  5. I don’t need a permit to own my gunssss and protect life and Liberty. I will die before I let go of my gunssss. Lord for give me for those I will need to slay to keep the USA free.

  6. Those that do live in Massachusetts add to the proportional representation that they enjoy in the House, and buttress their tax base. You are the problem.

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