Two Teenage Girls Shot While Riding Public School Bus in Florida


Thursday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida a public school bus was the target of a gang shooting leaving two teenage girls, one Shakayla Singleton, 15, and another 14-year-old girl (whose identity has not been released) injured.

Reports by witnesses are mixed as to what exactly happened. As reported by ( some witnesses claim the bus was stopped by the two males who did the shooting. Other witnesses claim the bus made a routine bus stop and tried to drive away once the danger was apparent by the two males who were waiting at the bus stop. Once the bus tried to get away from the two armed men, they proceeded to open fire on the bus sending five shots, and injured the two teenage girls. Shakayla Singleton sustained a gun shot wound to her face. The facial injury along with the injuries sustained by the 14-year-old victim do not appear to be life threatening, and were treated at the local hospital. Both girls are in stable condition.

The investigation of who the two male suspects are that shot at a Jacksonville school bus injuring two teenage girls continues. Photo by Lacrosse Tribune

As the five gun shots rang out, the bus driver sped the vehicle a quarter of a mile away from the scene, while students riding in the bus proceeded to help the injured girls.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti shared his thoughts on the incident, “When I got word of the shooting there was a deep anger that permeated my whole being.” “A level of frustration, being horrified and just sickened by the fact that our children can’t be children, that students can’t be students,” he expressed. Vitti is well aware of the violence that is growing within the area, “violence is run rampant in Jacksonville in our community and it’s time we have to do something.”

Mike Williams, candidate for Sheriff spoke out about the incident as well, “We’ve got to make some changes in this community and commit to some programs, commit some dollars to programs to help us to achieve long-term success when it comes to fighting crime in the community, in fighting gangs in the community and engage youth.”

As the search continues for the two male suspects who were described as young men, no arrests have been made as of Thursday night. People within the area are being questioned, but have not turned up any leads.











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  1. Or, you could use your 2nd Amendment and arm your bus drivers and let the problem sort itself out.

  2. “two male suspects who were described as young men” well, THAT narrows it down! How ridiculous!

  3. Remember when police were aggressive and tried to stop the bad guys?

  4. Avatar TheQueenBee | May 17, 2015 at 8:54 am |

    Angel: just last night there was a shoot out involving a mentally unstable person who was shooting at people. When the sheriff shot him, the sheriff was quoted as saying: “thank goodness we shot a white person”…the sheriff is also white. THIS is the world in which we live in today. smfh… It is a statistical fact that More whites are shot by cops than blacks…yet, we only seem to hear about the blacks being shot by white cops…Wanna know why??? B/c the squeaky wheel gets the oil! And, whites do Not squeak!

  5. Avatar Michael Santarella | May 17, 2015 at 2:53 pm |

    I bets deys colored

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