Texas Teen Steals iPad from a Toddler – He Got Away With It Too – Until His Mom Found Out

Photo Courtesy of the Houston Police Dept.

Houston – A Houston teenager has been arrested after stealing an iPad from a 2-year-old boy while he waited for his mother in the parking-lot of a Houston laundromat.

“[Houston] Police have arrested a teenager accused of stealing a 2-year-old’s iPad. The suspect’s mother recognized him in surveillance video and turned him in.”

The robbery occurred at a Houston laundry mat while the toddler’s mother was taking her clothes to her car. As was shown on surveillance footage, the thug pushed the child to the ground and stole the iPad before taking off on foot.

““I’ve chased a lot of crooks, but this is probably the biggest thug I’ve ever seen. To see some man knock a 2-year-old child to the ground to take an iPad.” Said Houston police investigator, Ken Nealy.

The 16-year-old suspect has been charged with robbery.

As a response to the mother’s decision to turn her son in, many local residents spoke out to show their appreciation – even the victims mother. “Tell her thank you”, the boy’s mother offered. “I appreciate it as a moth. I would do it”.

Police now believe that the suspect was involved with a number of other crimes in the area. His antics can be seen in the surveillance video, provided by the Houston Police.

Mom to the rescue! If your child is out breaking the law, there is no replacement for good parenting.


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