Texas Bikers Target Cops, Officer Safety Alert Issued In Wake Of Biker Brawl In Waco

Authorities block an access road as an investigation continues near a Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. (Rod Aydelotte/Waco Tribune-Herald via AP)

In the wake of the Biker shootout in Waco, Police have issued an Officer Safety Alert warning that the groups involved in the deadly shootout have been ordered to “kill anyone in uniform”. Police were involved in the shooting that included as many as 5 different “outlaw motorcycle clubs” although it has not been determined whether any of the 9 bikers killed were shot by police. The main MCs involved were the Bandidos MC and the Cossacks MC, others such as the Scimitars MC (a feeder club for the Cossacks) and other smaller feeder clubs “colors” were also seen during the brawl.  The Bandidos and Cossacks have allegedly had bad blood since a Bandido chapter president was arrested for stabbing two Cossacks in the parking lot of another restaurant.

The shootout left at least 9 dead and 18 injured and although police were at the Twin Peaks Bar & Grill at the time of the shooting, none were injured.  As NoozSaurus reported yesterday, there were reports of additional bikers showing up in Waco well into the evening and that there was a strong potential for further confrontations or violence. Now it is being reported that the potential threat may be aimed at police officers themselves.

Officer Safety Alert in the wake of the Biker shootout in Waco. (Image Source: goheroes.us)

Officer Safety Alert in the wake of the Biker shootout in Waco. (Image Source: goheroes.us)

At the time of the Safety Alert, local, state and federal law enforcement, a large contingent of officers, were still working in cooperation to process the crime scene.

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  1. Avatar Max Frisson | May 18, 2015 at 3:49 pm |

    Bikers are the scourge of motorcycling. 1% ers, the 3-piece patch clubs, are criminal enterprises and the ruin the image of all riders. Loud pipes, drunken behaviors, refusal to wear proper riding gear, that is why motorcycling is dying in America. Millennials see that image and want no part of it. The media acts like the Harley lifestyle is the only version of motorcycle riding, it is not. Even the non-1%ers who identify with this image, the average guy that belongs to HOG [Harley Owners Group] and dresses the same and emulates the anti-social behaviors harms the image of riders. It is time to pursue and prosecute these hoodlums and it is time for the motorcycle community to shun them.

    • Avatar tom berry | May 19, 2015 at 11:46 pm |

      stand up to them max!! if ya dont have have wobbly knees and shit for brains

    • Max, I think that you do actually have shit for brains… Where do you get the statistics for these knee-jerk statements??? “Motorcycling is dying, in America.” I’d most definitely like to see the source for that whopper, before I go quoting you. You can’t just throw around trendy catchphrases and falsely proclaimed statistics and call it non-fiction, or even expect anyone to swallow that rancid shit. Do you even know the origins of motorcycle riding in America, and the culture that quickly took shape around it? It is a subculture of its very own and probably will never be erraticated from the depths of our countries underbelly, so you should probably settle-in and enjoy the ride, asshole. Because nobody fucks with SAMCRO!

  2. Really… What is a bike without loud pipes, hell if they don’t have them the vehicles that don’t see them can at least hear them. The ACTUAL persons behavior is what ruins the image but its not ALL people who ride a bike or belong to a club. You should fully educate yourself before posting.

  3. your right Max time to arrest people that don’t look the way you like.

  4. Max I have loud pipes on my bike. Just what is proper riding gear? I wear jeans T shirt and work boots and no helmet there is no helmet law where I live. I have rode my bike to twin pekes and ate many times. I try to ride several times a week all year long . I don’t belong to a gang or go around shooting at people I just enjoy riding. So what your saying is they need to crack down on people like me because they don’t ride your type of bike or wear the same gear as you that’s crazy. It’s like anything else there are good and bad people every where you can’t judge them on what they wear or ride

  5. Joel don’t u think that’s a bit stupid to not wear a helmet when riding u get in to a wreck your head hits pavement which do u think is gonna win? Your head or the pavement ? I ride bikes to and will never get on one with out a helmet u only get one head

  6. Joel you’re right. There are manyclubs that are three pc patch that support some sort of nonprofit organization or ama / family clubs. Not all three pc patch clubs are 1%r s. But either way it takes a certain commitment to earn a patch like that and when someone treads/ disrespects on you you can look like a bitch or stand your ground n go from there…

  7. I 100% agree with Nancy and Joel I am part of a 3 peace patch club for many years there is a reason y they are called 1%ers cuz the other 99% just like to ride and have a good time with others thats like to ride and i am just like joel i dont wear a helmet cuz i work a lot with highway patrol and they have told me a lot of stores of riders losing there life becuase of there helmets its just like a seatbelt it can either save u or kill u

  8. Avatar Aliel The Heretic | May 19, 2015 at 10:43 am |

    BS. The Biker gang leaders have gone on national television and said there are NO orders to kill cops.

    Just paranoid dribble from the cop worshiping media.

    And yes, I believe them. They may be crooks and murderers, but they have a code of honor.

  9. Someone’s been watching too much SOA!!

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