Suspect Dies Baltimore

Are Baltimore City Officials Finally Toughening Up?

City officials are getting tough on looters in an attempt to curb the violence after the funeral of Freddie Gray. Any individuals caught rioting, looting, destroying property or otherwise reacting in a violent and unlawful manner will have their government benefits permanently revoked.

Baltimore In Black And White

Baltimore has dominated the news over the past few days and the subtext of the entire ordeal is race or more specifically African-Americans vs. the police. To put this in perspective it is necessary to take a look at the racial make-up of Baltimore, its citizens, its police and its governmental leadership.

Baltimore Mayor’s Stunning Admission Regarding Riot

During a press conference after the protest turned riot on Saturday, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning confession. While trying to walk the tightrope of protecting the rights of the protesters and insuring their safety,…