Six Philadelphia Police Officers Injured By Hit And Run Driver

A hit-and-run driver injured six Philadelphia police officers before he was shot (nydailynews)

Reports are saying that at least four Philadelphia police officers were hurt Tuesday afternoon during an altercation involving a hit-and-run driver who ended up being shot by an officer.

The ensuing pursuit involved multiple locations and began shortly after 2 p.m. when an officer was hit at Chew Avenue and 7th Street.  The burgundy Chrysler then took off.  Video obtained by NBC10 shows officers just blocks away from where the incident began, at Wagner and W. Olney Avenues near Cherashore Park, surrounding the vehicle and attempting to remove the driver from the car.  The driver then speeds off, knocking officers back.

Officers then caught up with the driver again, about two miles away, at a third location at 1900 Colonial Street, where a 35th District officer opened fire and struck the suspect in the torso.  The driver was then taken to Einstein Hospital where is still in critical condition.

Church Elder Reginald Macon happened to be across the street with women and children inside Mount Airy Church of God when he heard the gunshots. “My chair is at the window. When I looked outside, there were two young lades running up the steps. I guess they heard it too,” Macon said, adding he saw police come in and block off the street right near Crown Fried Chicken.

Officials are now saying that at least four officers were injured during the ordeal, but that total may be as many as six. The officers were also taken to Einstein Hospital, where one of them is in stable condition while the others are soon to be released.


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