Sheriff Clarke Holds Nothing Back Speaking About Obama’s Officer Memorial Speech

Sheriff Clarke has never been one to mince words over how he feels about current day politics or the administration. This week was Police Week; the week we’re supposed to show thanks to our men in blue. Nowhere on social media did ‘Police Week’ splash across news or Twitter feeds until Sheriff Clarke decided to speak up about it. Clarke was at the U.S. Capitol and during Obama’s speech, Clarke put on the boxing gloves, and came out swinging first at Fox News.



Sheriff Clarke didn’t hold back and fired off to the Politico as well.

While some replies feel that Sheriff Clarke is coming out of his lane and speaking out on such topics, the number of which that agree with him is certainly in the majority!

I think this guy said it best…

Just an f.y.i, a Sheriff is elected and voted upon, so he has the right to speak out about politics. Those who are speaking against what Sheriff Clarke is saying because he’s simply a Sheriff, might want to do a little bit of research into what is required to become a Sheriff. They have to go through much of the same rigamarole that big name politicians have to go through to gain their titles.

Lets be realistic, yes the man is there to serve and protect, but at least he’s not afraid to speak his mind on a public forum and go against the grain! Keep it up, Sheriff Clarke!

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  1. A sheriff is the highest law informer in is area period. Show some respect.

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