Same-Sex Marriage, the Confederate Battle Flag, Caitlyn Jenner And CAKE? [VIDEO]

Americans have become so easily distr... SQUIRREL!!!

It seems that society suffers from a collective version of Attention Deficit Disorder these days. The recent media blitz surrounding same-sex marriage, Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and the Confederate battle flag debate are prime examples and all revolve around supposed “hate.” Has anyone kept track of the trade deal legislation going through Congress? How about the current state of our economy or unemployment? For that matter, how about the obvious dis-ingenuousness of all of these media mass distractions or the lack of leadership on any of these issues.


  • Same-sex marriage ruling from SCOTUS opens Pandora’s Box of future ramifications and potentially undermines the Rights of the States protected by the 10th Amendment.
  • Caitlyn Jenner An American Hero Or Media Spectacle? Bravery and Courage take many forms and while many view it as courageous, many view it as exploitative or celebration of sin.
  • The Confederate battle flag, Heritage or Hate? Or just another selective mass distraction? Why the focus on just one flag or one period of American history with so many hateful and divisive symbols to choose from?

While some of these issues do have actual social implications, policy issues and/or social attitudes to be discussed, the flag issue is the least representative of any real substantive debate. The hypocrisy of the focus on the Confederate battle flag is astounding and the reactions to it are so ‘over the top’ that they reach the level of the absurd.

Case in point, corporate America quickly jumped on the bandwagon to remove all things “Confederate” from flags to the iconic Dukes of Hazzard General Lee with the flag emblazoned on the roof of the car. The same merchandise that was just there and largely unnoticed mere days before. SUDDENLY, this symbol must go, period, end of discussion.

Of course the jihadist black flag of Islamic State terrorists is still kosher, so to speak.

Selective Corporate Social Conscience. (image source: google images)

Selective Corporate Social Conscience
(image source: google images)

But it’s just a cake right? Well, it wasn’t too long ago that bakers were being driven out of business by gay rights activists and the government for refusing to make a particular cake. Ah, how quickly we forget.

Mass Collective Attention Deficit Disorder.

Che Guevara merchandise is still available, an equally divisive figure who is now a darling of the Left as a cult-like figurehead and reviled by the Right as a Marxist terrorist protege of the dictatorial Cuban Castro regime. The “rainbow flag” of the gay rights movement is offensive to many religious people who view it as celebrating and promoting SIN, but you can still get that at WalMart. Oh, but those are not racial, we expect people to be divided on ideology and religion, right?

So, it must be only symbols with a racist perception attached, right?

The American Flag itself has flown over national acts of racism and slavery far longer than the Confederate flag did. It flew from the Founding of this nation (which had slavery at the time) for over 70 years before the Civil War. The Confederate flag only flew for what? Four Years?

Does the American flag get a pass because America abolished slavery after the Civil War?

Not according to black activists today who say this is still a racist nation and have been desecrating the American flag long before this recent Confederate flag issue came up. Native Americans slaughtered and confined to Reservations under the American flag might make a case for its racist symbolism as well.

The point is, this symbolism over substance mindset is destructive and counter-productive. The masses led by the media Svengalis holding up “shiny objects” saying “look over here, look over here” and the mindless masses follow. No critical thinking involved, no sense of history or tradition, no effort or thought whatsoever to see the truth behind the mass distractions. A nation of fools, being led around by the nose with superficial and reactionary arguments, devoid of deep thought or personal responsibility. There is always a boogeyman, a symbol, an ideology, a tradition or some other outside force to blame.

The “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” has become the Land of the SHEEP and the Home of the Naive.

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