Marines Killed In Chattanooga May Not Receive Purple Hearts Because Obama…


The Obama Administration’s puppet, the Department of Justice is preventing the Marines killed in Chattanooga from receiving purple hearts, says a Marine Corps Spokesman.

The United States Marine Corps is prepared to award the Purple Heart to the four slain Marines that were killed during an attack on two military locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee earlier this month.

Unfortunately, before that can happen, the FBI must rule the attack an act of terrorism, a move that the agency has not yet made. Given the Obama Administrations pandering to Islamic groups, initially calling for respect for Islam before addressing the shooting, that determination seems unlikely.

“Determination of eligibility will have to wait until all the facts are gathered and the FBI investigation is complete,” Marine Corps public affairs officer Maj. Clark Carpenter told Marine Corps Times.

The attacker, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, a Kuwati born Muslim who has spent several months in the Middle East prior to committing the attack. However, authorities have not revealed a formal connection between Abdulazeez and any terror organizations.

The Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) has previously called for “lone wolf” attacks by domestic terrorists already living in the United States. Experts say that it is likely that these so-called ‘self radicalized extremists’ would not have formal ties to an actual terror group, but were influenced by them.

Given the previous behavior of the attacker and the events leading up to the attack, the element of terrorism is obvious. It seems that the Obama Administration is playing politics and their actions, unless corrected, may prevent these valiant young men from receiving the recognition that they deserve. This is a very sad day for America.

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  1. Why is there no mention of the fifth service member Petty officer Randall Smith. He was also murdered by the same Islamic radical terrorist as the four Marines were.

  2. Avatar Rod McNeely | July 31, 2015 at 2:52 pm |

    Get the friggin story right, there were 5 lives lost, a US Sailor was killed also. As a vet, you’re doing a great disservice by neglecting to mention him. Did you know that he was one of the 2 individuals to return fire? Get it together.

  3. Trump will take care of that

  4. This a disgrace. These young men were serving their country, killed while on duty at their posts and are every bit as deserving as any other member of the military. God I despise our administration at times like these.

  5. Avatar ImaJWalker | August 6, 2015 at 5:42 am |

    They continue to ‘do things’ to piss off the people and the people simply read it, comment on it and move on to the next article.
    Only a REVOLUTION will make things right. They’ve done enough to warrant one but the people can’t seem to ‘care’ enough to ‘do’ anything about that!
    This article / subject should trigger all constitutionalists to say NO MORE! But…it won’t. They want their One World B.S. and they will get it! No one will move until their bank account is dry! THEN watch the poop hit the fan.. but will it be too late?

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