Ride In The ‘Time Bomb’ Camaro On A 209MPH Run [VIDEO]

Matyjasik Brothers Time Bomb Camaro/Matyjasik Bros.

The Matyjasik brothers, David and Mike decided to give everyone an inside look at 209 mph as they blast through 9,000 rpm shifts in their 1971 Camaro “Time Bomb”, as the custom-built 364 Cui small block Chevrolet power plant makes an astonishing 830rwhp @ 8700rpm.  This bottle-fed beauty is topped with a set of NASCAR Buick heads, designed specifically for the higher RPM applications of speedway racing, yet banned from those sanctioned events.

Time Bomb Land Speed Racing/Facebook page

Time Bomb Land Speed Racing/Facebook page

For those of you who are “spec junkies” like myself the new engine sports Dart/Buick heads, Bowtie block, Carrillo super H beams, Kings billet crank, T&D shaft mounts, Hastings rings and a full set of coated bearings.  Jesel Valve Train hooked the boys up with a “killer belt drive and Comp Cams ground them a “nasty nitrous cam” that picks up 280 rear wheel horsepower on a 180 shot of nitrous.

During the opening weekend of the 2015 ECTA season at Ohio Mile, the brothers managed to clock a 213 mph run in their nasty lil’ Camaro. The video below was taken during a 209 mph run, as they bring us all into their world including the sound and sights they experience on their rocket ride down the track.  Talk about perspective, this video delivers to those who enjoy the world of “One Mile Land Speed” racing.

The beauty of the brothers racing team comes from the efforts of Mike and Dave, who still wrench on their own vehicles.  They’ve been doing it for years, and decided they were going to continue building their own machines, until they just can’t do it anymore. Although they may not have scored the top prize at the Hot Rod Top Speed challenge this year, they were definitely in contention for it, with the 213 mph pass.

BangShift writer Brian Lohnes claims there is rumor that the boys may be parking this rocket for a while, yet they feel that its kind of tragic (and I agree), since it left the track running as well or better than it did when it showed up. It appears the writers at BangShift are sending out a little challenge to the brothers; “This car is everything that is right and good in the world of racing, how about keeping it out of the mothballs?”


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