Restraining Order Not Enough, Estranged Wife Allegedly Uses Shotgun

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Huntsville, Alabama-

Lisa Macpherson Skinner, age 52, was arrested at her mother’s home shortly after allegedly shooting her estranged husband who allegedly broke into her home to confront her. Just moments after shooting Bradley Lamar Skinner with the shotgun, Huntsville Law Enforcement arrived on scene. Ms. Skinner was shot in the hip by one of the responding officers, of which the details are unclear at this time, but those on scene stated that a “shot rang out as they arrived on scene” upon approaching Ms. Skinner who was standing in the garage. She turned with the shotgun in hand and was immediately incapacitated by an officer who has now been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

“At this time I don’t anticipate charges against her unless something changes during the course of the investigation,” Lt. Darryl Lawson, a Huntsville Police Department spokesman, told Tuesday morning.

Of course things do not look as good for her husband, Bradley Skinner, who at the time of this writing was in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital. Skinner will face several charges including first-degree burglary and violation of a protection order. In Alabama, a Class A felony can carry a penalty of 20 years to life, with an extra 10 of those years added due to the use of a firearm.  The violation of a protective order is only a Class A misdemeanor, carrying only an extra year imprisonment for its violation.


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