Police Stumped By Amputated Leg Found In Trash

(Photo: Gannett News Service)

A leg found at a waste management facility prompted an investigation by Miami-Dade detectives. The amputated leg was found with a name tag attached identifying it as the leg of John Timiriasieff. Initially suspecting foul play, detectives contacted Mr. Timiriasieff with an odd question, Why was his amputated limb found in the garbage? They learned that Timiriasieff, a Key Largo man in his 50s, went in to Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, part of the Baptist Health South Florida system, in October for an amputation below his right knee. The hospital, instead of incinerating the amputated limb as is the normal practice, tossed the leg into the garbage.

Although no foul play was indicated, the case still became a who-dunnit of sorts. Mr. Timiriasieff contacted the hospital for an explanation. Unable to get answers from the hospital, Mr. Timiriasieff filed a lawsuit with the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court on Wednesday claiming the hospital caused him emotional distress. The suit claims that the hospital’s conduct “was outrageous and beyond all bounds of human decency … and utterly intolerable in civilized society.” Doctors Hospital told him “they would provide no explanation for what had occurred,” according to the lawsuit. Timiriasieff also claims he wrote a letter to the hospital’s administrator in January that went unanswered.

Clay Roberts, Timiriasieff’s attorney said, “When we contacted the hospital, they claimed they could not give us any explanation for why or how this happened.” Timiriasieff’s emotional distress lawsuit claims he suffered invasion of privacy, embarrassment and humiliation due to the hospital’s oversight. Doctors Hospital refused comment due to patient privacy issues, but did say via email that “when Doctors Hospital was notified of this situation, hospital leaders took immediate and appropriate measures to address it. Proper procedures have been reinforced at the hospital to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.”


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