Police Shoot Hammer-Wielding Man Who Was Sought In 4 Manhattan Attacks [VIDEO]

A man lay in the street at 37th Street and Eighth Avenue after being shot by the police Wednesday. RICH DOCHERT

It seems that New York City may need to look into banning “hammers” now, as reports coming out of the “Big Apple” today are saying that a hammer-wielding man who was wanted in connection with a series of attack in Manhattan, has been shot by a NYPD officer on Wednesday.

Surveillance video show the confrontation on a busy Midtown street between the officer and a man who they have identified as David Baril, 30.

The NYPD Police Commissioner, William J. Bratton, speaking at a news conference at the 37th and Eighth Avenue scene stated that Mr. Baril fit the description they had of an attacker who had already struck four people with a hammer on Monday around Union Square and Midtown.

He went on to say that on Wednesday, two uniformed officers, Geraldo Casaigne, 36 and Lauren O’Rourke, 27, were on patrol in Midtown when they notice the man and believed him to be the suspect in the earlier attacks.  The officers followed him from 38th Street, along Eighth Avenue, and after a block, the turned and stopped at the corner of 37th Street.

“He’s almost waiting for them as they cross the street,” Deputy Chief William Aubry, the commander of Manhattan detectives, said during a news conference in Midtown in which video of the shooting was shown. The surveillance video shows that as they approached, Mr. Baril pulled his hammer and lunged at Officer O’Rourke, swinging wildly at her head.

Chief Aubry stated that Officer O’Rourke was struck three times as she backed away into the middle of the street, when Officer Casaigne came to her rescue, drawing his sidearm and firing at her attacker.  Mr. Baril was struck three to four times, in the right arm, the torso and the head area, with the entire encounter lasting mere seconds.

Mr. Baril has been arrested at least eight times of the years, suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia, taking medication to control them both, Aubry stated, adding that his social media accounts did contain images of a hammer. He also noted that the man has been living on the streets.

A witness at the scene, Anthony O’Grady, 26, stated he saw the man running into the middle of Eighth Avenue at 37th Street, when an officer stepped off the curb and began shooting at him.

A man, who only gave Carlton as his name said; “He was getting ready to hit the girl. And the male officer was about four feet behind the man and fired three or four shots at him.”

Investigators have been busy since Monday after the first “hammer” attack took place, attempting to piece together clues, but were unsuccessful through three other known attacks took place.  All of the victims were treated and released with minor injuries.

“I want to commend those two officers for their actions this morning,” Mr. Bratton said on Wednesday. “First, in seeing the suspect, approaching him. And then second, for the quick action on the part of the officers, but particularly the male officer who, based on the preliminary video that I reviewed, quite possibly saved his partner’s life by shooting the suspect.”


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  1. Did the citizens of NY and society a huge favor.

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