Open Carry Survives: Texas To Become 44th Open Carry State



After a number of set backs and delays, open carry has finally passed the Texas legislature.

As we previously reported, the Texas House voted earlier this week to not concur with an amendment added to the open carry bill while it was in the state Senate. The amendment was intended to protect the fourth amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners by instructing police officers in the state that they could not stop an individual for merely openly carrying a handgun.

By a 13 vote margin the House voted to send the bill to conference committee, raising concerns that the bill would not pass both houses of the legislature before the current session ends at the start of June.  Despite this, the committee was able to reach an agreement and removed the amendment from the legislation and it was subsequently passed by houses, despite filibuster threats by Senate Democrats.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to twitter shortly after the bill passed, reiterating his intent to sign the bill into law.

The bill first passed the House on a 102-42 vote. The Senate then passed it to Abbott on a 20-11 vote.

“Let’s boldly go where everyone has gone before us,” Sen. Craig Estes, the bill’s sponsor, said this week. “I don’t think it is anything bold or new, but it may take some people a little bit to get used to it.”