New Taliban Threats Challenge Obama Narrative on Afghanistan Progress

April 10, 2015: Afghan security personnel gather at the site of a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP)

As the sun begins to set on the Obama administration’s last term, he continues to insert his desires to “deliver us from evil” and become the President who got us out of two wars. It seems the Taliban has a different set of plans that challenge his efforts as they enter the spring fighting season and begin ramping up their efforts in Afghanistan.

Lisa Curtis, senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation told that; “President Obama wants his legacy to be the president who got the U.S. out of two wars, but the facts on the ground don’t support that. He’s gotten ahead of himself.”

In a statement to the media, the Taliban stated they would be launching their annual spring offensive against the Afghan government.  Acting as if this “offensive” was an annual “hometown fair” they dubbed the strikes “Azm” or perseverance in Dari and Arabic, or simply put; they intend to prolong this ongoing jihad for as long as they can, and they are now doing so with most of the U.S. and allied forces off the battlefield.

The terrorist organization has recently intensified their build up efforts in the wake of Obama’s decision to limit our troops in the area to roughly 10,000, despite security concerns by Afghan leaders. Obama has claimed that U.S. and coalition troops are still helping to shift the momentum away from the Taliban, but stated; “Obviously there are still improvements to be made, but they’re making significant progress.”

Now with the Taliban’s most recent announcement, many are questioning whether Afghanistan is actually entering a reconstruction period at all.  Justin Logan, director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, told ; “The reality is, the Taliban will be there after the U.S. leaves, whether that is in 2016 or 2036. If the goal is to stay there until radical Islamist resistance in Afghanistan is defeated, we would be there forever.”

It appears that Obama is only concerned about “bringing our troops home” and chalking up another win for his administration, regardless of the costs.  The Islamic State, the Taliban, or whatever name these terrorists are calling themselves today or tomorrow are “hellbent” on religious jihad, and anyone standing in their way will end up paying the price.  Limiting our forces to under 10,000 troops on the ground is only putting those men in danger.  If we are to efficiently control and police this area until their government is stable enough to control it themselves, we must keep a sufficient size force on the ground to keep not only the people of Afghanistan safe, but also the our own troops.

Public opinion is showing a desire to return our troops home, but I believe we all must understand; “We started this war on terror.  We cannot stop what we started, simply because the task has become too arduous.”  Innocent people are dying every day in this region.  People who only wish to live their lives in peace and freedom.  If we simply shrug off the responsibilities of our actions, we will find that these terrorists will not just “stop”, they will continue their “war” and it will find its way into our homes.





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Patrick James
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