New Orleans Teens Arrested For ‘Execution-Style Murder’ Of Father And Son

Father slain in Metairie double-murder may have been asleep when shot, JPSO says

Law Enforcement in New Orleans have arrested two teens for the alleged “execution-style murders” of a local father and son, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand stated on Sunday. Deputies and Marshalls from the U.S. Marshall Service captured Dexter Allen, 17 and Haraquon Degruy, 18, in a stolen SUV traced to the scene of the Metairie area killings of David Pence, 56, and his son Nicholas Pence, 25.

Investigators are now saying they believe Allen shot the father three times and his son twice, after breaking into their home through an unlocked door, in what appears to be a “robbery attempt gone bad”.

Degruy implicated her alleged male accomplice as the gunman who shot the father and son as they continued with their little spree of car robberies in the peaceful residential area of the city that borders Lake Pontchartrain.

Firefighters and First Responders found the father and son dead in a side garage that was set-up as their “mancave”, where friends of the son state they were present just moments before the shooting.  Investigators are uncertain as to whether the elder Pence was even awake at the time he was executed.

Allen will face two counts of first-degree murder and Degruy has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of murder and one count of vehicle burglary in connection with the incident.  Investigators are still digging into the case, hoping to understand the motives and circumstances surrounding the senseless homicides.

“Neither one of them have any significant criminal history — one just reached 18 and the other is still 17,” Normand said in a video of the briefing posted by the Advocate. “After all the work that’s been done, we still don’t have really the answer to why.”

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Taken from

It is unclear to officials as to whether this incident is related to the “racial” tensions our country has seen over the last few years, but with as little mainstream coverage this horrifying event is receiving, one begins to wonder if there is a reason why it’s not newsworthy enough to make the national headlines.


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    • Really? Call it what it is, violent crime victims chosen because of their color, you don’t hear about this happening in a predominantly black neighborhood. The blame comes from their parents telling them exaggerated tales from the 40’s-60’s and convincing them that everything bad that happens in their life is due to white racism. They don’t explain how personal responsibility, education and discipline shape ones life as an adult! They just fill their heads with a bunch of BS, telling them “oh baby it ain’t your fault, this wouldn’t have happened if you were white it’s just because your black! Have you ever sat close enough to hear a Sermon at an all black church? I can’t believe they call themselves Christians, ask one and they’ll tell you Jesus has to be black cause the devil is white! I don’t dislike anyone because of their color, religion maybe, but I can damn sure dislike a group of people because of their actions and behavior. one parent came and corrected her child’s behavior as she should have, one parent out of all those little thugs in Baltimore, how many work boots were stolen from the shoe store? None! We should do like bill Clinton did in the California riots and cancel all welfare checks until the violence is stopped and order is restored, Clinton did that and overnight thugs calmed down and everyone who hadn’t burned down their own house went home like nothing has ever happened. Stop making welfare a way of life, it’s a helping hand, a hand up not a hand out. People will take responsibility for their own life after no one else will for them.

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