NAACP President Arrested in Cocaine Probe

Timothy Wade Miles Photo Courtesy of FOX59 Indiana

Forty nine-year old Timothy Miles of Muncie IN, was arrested on charges of selling cocaine on three different occasions to a confidential informant of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department. Miles, who is the assistant director for the Muncie Indiana Transit System (MITS), sold cocaine to the police informant while in his MITS uniform and driving his MITS vehicle. During on drug buy, Miles identified himself as the president of the Muncie NAACP chapter and was quoted as saying, “I’m the president of that,” he told the informant. “It’s crazy.”

According to the probable cause affidavit, Miles made a full confession at the sheriff’s department; claiming child support obligations had motivated the drug sales. He went on to confess to his pattern of  buying an ounce of cocaine at a time for $1250, and doubling his money. A recent purchase of 3 ounces led to a search of Mile’s house in an attempt to locate the remaining drugs, but Deputies reported the remainder of the 3 ounces was either already sold or disposed of prior to the search. The affidavit also claims Miles attempted to solicit sexual favors in exchange for the cocaine.

Miles became president of the local NAACP chapter after the December 2013 death of Michael Harley, who had revived the local chapter of the national civil rights organization in 2010. Mayor Dennis Tyler commenting on the Miles arrest said, “It’s tragic and it’s sad,” and went on to say,  “I’ve known Tim for many years. You couldn’t have ever got me to believe he would get involved in drug trafficking.” The mayor then expressed his concern for Miles’ children, saying “Drugs strike and destroy the core of families.”

The MITS general manager, Larry King, said Thursday that Miles had been suspended from his MITS job pending resolution of the allegations against him. Miles reportedly told investigators he “just threw his (23-year) career at MITS away.”

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