Missouri Man On Loose After Keeping Girlfriend Trapped In Box


A Missouri woman made a frantic 911 call to police stating her “boyfriend” had held her captive over the last four months by regularly forcing her into a wooden box.  The Sedalia Police Department are currently searching for James Barton Horne, boyfriend of the complainant who appears to be a fugitive on the run.

The woman, whose name is being withheld for her protection, called 911 on Thursday, telling authorities that she had just escaped from the residence they shared.

“When officers contacted the victim, she told them the suspect routinely locked her in a wooden box inside the residence where they lived,” the responding officers stated in their report.  The statement goes on further to report that they found “a large wooden box consistent with what the female described”, securing it into evidence for what will obviously be used in an upcoming trial.  It further went on to state; “It did appear to be constructed for the purpose of concealing a person,”


Horn, who is pictured above is described by police as being a 47-year-old white male with dark hair, and listed as a sex offender with previously charges of felony kidnapping and sexual battery in Tennessee from 1992, according to state records. More details regarding Horne can be found here.



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