Man Grabs His Gun, Battles 3 Armed Intruders Pointing Gun To His Wife’s Head – [VIDEO]

This incident transpired back in March this year, but unfortunately did NOT receive the attention it actually warranted.  I feel it is important to make sure incidents that transpire throughout our country, painting responsible gun owners in a positive light with positive outcomes get the recognition they deserve.

A couple from the Marshall County area of Oklahoma said they are lucky to be alive after four masked intruders broke into their residence and held them at gunpoint.

The Gilmore’s, Eddie and Cindy told reporters that they were sitting in their living room watching tv, when they heard a loud noise behind them.  Barely having time to turn around, they watched four masked intruders approaching them, yelling for them to “get down”.

“Three people ran in and grabbed my wife,” Eddie Gilmore said. “She stood up.”

He said as his screaming wife was forced into a back room at gunpoint by one of the masked intruders, another instructed him to get on the floor. “And I got over between the couch and the coffee table and when I did I went down and put my arm on the coffee table to kind of hide myself and I pulled the drawer open because I had a gun in there,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore continues to retell the tale, by saying he then just started shooting, hitting two of the intruders. He said they started shooting back, but fortunately neither he or Cindy were hurt.

“They had a gun to her head,” Eddie Gilmore said, “They could’ve killed her and come right in here and killed me if I hadn’t had a gun.”

Danny Cryer, Marshall County Undersheriff said he thought Mr. Gilmore did exactly what he had to do to protect himself and his wife.

Cryer said the suspect fled the scene, running down Bell Creek Road, and that once they had left, the Gilmore’s called 911.

“We were able to detain three different persons this morning who were involved in that home invasion,” Cryer said, adding that investigators don’t believe the suspects, Broderick Humphrey, Austin Braden, Meridann Awalt, and Freddy Cervantes even knew the Gilmore’s. “Based on just statements from our suspects,” Cryer said. “They claim they were out in a wooded area shooting their firearms and looking for a place to rob and i think just because of the secluded area of this house is why it was targeted.”

Eddie Gilmore stated; “I had some re-loads in this one gun and they mis-fired…next time they won’t misfire.”

Cryer says that they have Humphrey, Braden and Awalt are in custody, but Cervantes is still at-large.  The suspects could be going before a judge as soon as Friday. As for Eddie Gilmore, he won’t be facing any problems.

I am doing a bit more research on this incident and will update it as soon as I find more information on the sentencing of these thugs.





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  1. I hear a lot of these…..”he went to grab a gun”…..I carry on my hip, when around the house, as the bad guys don’t have a schedule, for breaking in. WEAR YOUR DEFENSIVE FIREARM!

  2. The home owner wont be facing any charges, God Hot Damn, should he even be in question of charges…the guy was defending his God hot Damn home and his wife for God hot Damn sake…. ‘The home owner wont be facing any charges’ < No shiltily shizt!!!!

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