Israeli Military Launches Airstrike To Neutralize Imminent Terrorist Attack

Israeli Soldiers Patrol Syrian BorderIsraeli soldiers patrol on the Israeli-Syrian border Sunday near the town of Majdal Shams in Israeli-occupied Golan. | JALAA MAREY/AFP-GETTY IMAGES

According to the sourcelink, Israel launched airstrikes Sunday to  “neutralize” an imminent attack by bomb-carrying militants along the Israeli-Syrian border.

In a brief statement, the Israel Defense Forces said the air force was deployed after “terrorists armed with explosives” were spotted.

Reuters quoted an Israeli military source as saying, on condition of anonymity, that four militants placed an explosive on a fence near Majdel Shams, at the foot of Mount Hermon in the annexed Golan Heights. All four were killed, according to the Reuters source.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the action, but added no details.

“Any attempt to harm our soldiers or civilians will be met with a determined response like the IDF operation from tonight, which thwarted an attempted attack,” Netanyahu said in a statement on Twitter. “I wish to praise the alertness of our soldiers, who acted quickly and precisely.”

Hostilities continue to escalate between Israel and Syria and other neighbors. Syria’s border with Israel is at the northern portion of Israel. Also bordering Israel are Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.



Source: NBC News

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