HILARIOUS: SNL Mocks “Draw Muhammad” Controversy [VIDEO]

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We all, or at least most of the Americans in this country have heard about the Garland, Texas terrorist attack that was spurned by Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest or the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris, where terrorist attacked in retaliation for his cartoons of the prophet. And although these events are tragic in nature, the reasons behind the attacks are almost comical. Terrorists so “up in arms” over a few stick figure drawings of their “messiah”, that they would actually issue and follow through on death threats to those who would blaspheme their religion.

Come on guys, we’re an equal opportunity kinda country.  We will bash anything worth the extra “15 minutes of fame” it can bring us, and the crew at Saturday Night Live is the biggest perpetrator of the bunch.

Now there is a lot going on in this skit, which is very typical of the crew of SNL, one of which is glaringly obvious and extremely random is Reginald VelJohnson as a celebrity, or how Kenan Thompson manages to pull-off such a perfect non-impersonation of an impersonation of VelJohnson. Although the funniest aspect of the skit comes in the form of how they managed to mock this highly political “Drawing of Muhammad” controversy, without being so political.

Sometimes we can all see the humor in things, even the SNL crew, who aren’t exactly “Right Wing” in their political views managed an excellent parody.  Since I can not put it quite as poetic, nor as funny as some, I will refer to Steven Crowder’s comment in its entirety;

“This shouldn’t be Round Eleventy-Five of conservatives vs. liberals over who’s right (we are, but that’s not the issue). This should simply be an American issue where together we say, “If you claim we can’t draw your ‘prophet’ we will stand united in mocking Him and you unmercifully over it.” SNL saw that, and they aren’t exactly regulars at tea party rallies.”

I would be remiss not to add Steven’s ending as well, because, well it’s just that good:

“The only thing that irks me here, is that they still say “the prophet” Muhammad. Now that may seem benign, but it is a soft form of appeasement, because it’s demanded of us by the Muslim bully-pulpit. Why say he’s a “prophet” unless you’re a Muslim? We don’t believe it. As a Christian, I believe he’s a FALSE prophet… and I’ll write that before each and every reference to him from now on.”


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  1. My drawing of the prophet Muhammad. (__Y__) Pretty good resemblance I’d say. LOL!!!!!

  2. I prefer to call him “the pedophile Muhammad”.

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