First Clinton Cash, Now Bush Bucks – Hillary And Jeb May Have More In Common Than People Realize

Jeb Bush Connected To Barclays. Image Source - AP

As we reported last week, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton appear to have closer ties than either would like to acknowledge during a presidential race. Of course, money and politics are nothing new, but it seems Jeb Bush may have some financial questions to answer besides his association with Hillary Clinton. Another recent story, Banksters Busted, Fined Billions For Rigging Currency Market, may have ties to Jeb Bush that are somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton’s troubles with the Clinton Foundation. One of the banks involved in the currency market fraud was the British multinational bank, Barclays. In 2008, Jeb Bush was a supporter of the Wall Street bail-out known as TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program which resulted in Barclays receiving $8.5 billion in taxpayer dollars that were used to bail out failing insurance giant AIG, according to a 2009 report in Politico. Bush joined Barclays officially on March 20, 2009 according to a Spokeswoman for the former Governor.

FOX Business on Bush Barclays Connection, April 2014

It has always been assumed that Jeb Bush’s ties to Wall Street and international banking would be problematic for his presidential run, much as Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital was fodder for his critics. The criminal penalties recently announce by the U.S. Justice Dept. that include Barclays, for currency manipulation in the foreign exchange market, occurred during Bush’s tenure with Barclays. While no direct ties between Jeb Bush and the fraud have been made, guilt by association during a presidential election cycle could jeopardize his front-runner status in the GOP Primary race.

The ties between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, along with the financial scandals and money ties are already starting to pop up on social media connecting the two as “establishment politicians” that are out of touch with the common man. It seems that the usual boost that a politician gets from name recognition is being met with a distaste for political dynasties in America. With the exception of the 2012 election cycle, there has been a Bush or a Clinton either on the presidential ticket or running for their party’s nomination in the primaries since 1980. That kind of dynasty politics, mixed with big banking, financial fraud, influence peddling, etc. may not bode well for either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton as the election cycle progresses.

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