Female Homeowner Shoots Burglar Twice in the Leg | Armed Citizen

Image: WKYT.com


Lexington Police officials report that a man was severely injured after attempting to enter an apartment with two female residents inside.

One of the female residents, who is yet to be identified, fired two rounds at the individual, he immediately became incapacitated.

According to local news station WKYT:
Officers say a woman who lived in an apartment on Winburn Drive shot the burglar twice when he tried to break into her home around midnight. Investigators say the man tried to force his way through a back door of the apartment.

“The victim had made entry into the apartment against the wishes of the occupants. One of those occupants was able to fire a couple of rounds from a handgun, which did strike our victim at which time he was disabled and we responded to the call,” Lieutenant Chris Young, with the Lexington Division of Police, said.

Police tell WKYT that two women in the apartment were awake at the time and one of them fired at the man, hitting him twice. The burglar was taken to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The man was shot once in the leg.

Officials haven’t released very many details concerning the investigation, but they are calling the break-in a domestic incident. Police said that the shooter was familiar with the burglar but that they were not in a personal relationship.

“The shooter is being interviewed. It’s likely when the shooting victim is released from the hospital, he will be the one facing charges. Certainly, there’ll be a number of charges pending. It’s still early in the investigation so it’s yet to be determined exactly what he will be charged for the entry,” Lt. Young said.