Democrats Who Passed Oregon Background Check Bill Face Recall Effort

Following a May 4th party line vote in the Oregon House to approve “universal background check” bill SB941, Democrats who voted to pass the bill now face their constituents and a staunch recall effort.

Kevin Starrett, Executive Director of the Oregon Firearms Federation, said they are in complete support of the recall efforts. He also pointed out that SB 941 was a party line vote, with only one democrat in the State Senate and three democrats in the House of Representatives opposing it.

Admittedly, the recall effort will not prevent the bill from being signed by Governor Kate Brown (D), Starrett offered that “the intent of this is to send a message to other legislators that there is going to be a response.”

One of the three states-people targeted by the recall effort, Susan McClain (D-Dist.29), defended her decision to support the bill, saying that she “[believes] that this bill will save lives by ensuring that this gaping loophole isn’t used to put guns into the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and people with severe mental illness.”

Our take:

Unfortunately for Ms. McLain and those like her, history serves to prove the ineffective nature of the background check system she supports. She obviously does not realize – or simply doesn’t care – that the majority of recent mass-shooting perpetrators PASSED the very same background check that she claims will help save lives.

We have known for a long time that gun control is not about preventing gun violence. The very way that progressives go about pushing gun control on America serves to prove that gun control is about control. Not guns. Gun control advocates would rather provide you with a false sense of safety than the ability to legally defend yourself with a firearm, as guaranteed to you by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Lawmakers face recall efforts over bill on background checks for gun sales
State Rep. Val Hoyle

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  1. She states that it would prevent anybody with “,SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS ” from passing the background check . WRONG ! It would stop everybody who has been labelled to have ANY type of to any degree of mental illness which can even include INSOMNIA as proven with the veteran LEO who was illegally raided and all firearms stolen by law enforcement officials in NY.

  2. Eastern OR should secede from coastal OR !

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