Constitutional Carrier Thwarts Robbery In Topeka Weeks After New Law In Effect [VIDEO]

Surveillance photo from Academy Sports robbery

Armed law-abiding citizens all across our country, save lives and thwart attempts on an ongoing daily basis (even though the mainstream media never reports it). Whether they are concealed carriers or open; “An armed society is a polite society.”

In this case, once the government got out-of-the-way of our 2nd Amendment rights and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed the bill legalizing “constitutional carry” in his state, the law-abiding were able to exercise their “true” Founding Father intended gun rights?

Just shy of two weeks since Governor Brownback signed it into law, it has been tested and proven to give positive results in thwarting an attempted robbery. Joey Tapley, a 24 year-old Kansas resident was privy to an armed robbery inside the Academey sports in Topeka, and recalls those moments here;

“I was at the counter buying bullets with my cousin and I heard some loud bangs. I look up and they are just loading up weapons from the counter and then they run off and my instincts kicked in.”

Tapley followed the three suspects described only as white males ages 16 or 17, after they stole several rifles and an undisclosed amount of cash. Once outside, Tapley pulled out his own weapon.

“I told him drop the gun man, mine is loaded , just drop the gun. We made eye contact for a second or two and he dropped two guns and ran,” said Tapley.

Police officers arrested the teens along with an unidentified woman in the area of Southwest 6th and Fairlawn. The teenage boys were booked into the Juvenile Center on assault, burglary and robbery charges. The female was booked on conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.

Tapley who carries his gun without a concealed carry permit says his heroics wouldn’t have been possible without Governor Brownback’s approval of the law that took effect just under 2 weeks ago on July 1.

“Thats why Kansas made the law. So citizens can carry and protect themselves and others. I guess my instincts just took over,” said Tapley.

The “gun control” community such as Moms Demand Action and their mouthpiece Shannon Watts continue to bang the same old “blood on the streets” drum, that has been banged unsuccessfully by others for over 30 years now. It didn’t hold water then, and it definitely does not hold water now.

The bottom line is, the minimum requirements to qualify before receiving a concealed carry permit, typically do not have any long-term benefits for those who take an 8 or even 16 hour course. Continued training after obtaining those permits, is the only method that will make you more proficient. People always seem to fall back on their particular level of firearms training.

What we need are more law-abiding citizens such as Mr. Tapley, who are willing to act like the responsible, self-regulating citizens our Founders intended us to be. He used common sense, his newly restored gun rights and stopped to criminals from acquiring illegally obtained firearms, that could’ve easily been used to take innocent lives.

Good Job, Joey!



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