Colorado Businessman Blames ‘Stoned’ Workers for Move to SC

A Colorado man who moved his business to South Carolina says the state's decision to legalize pot has left him with a stoned labor pool. (AP)

Colorado businessmen Mark Brawner told KUSA-TV that the legalization of marijuana forced his decision to move his business “Little Spider Creations” to South Carolina.  The Mile “high” city seems to be taking on new meaning as Brawner states his employees continued to arrive to work “stoned”, right after Colorado legalized the “green stuff” for recreational use in 2012.

“The main reason we pulled out was because of marijuana,” Brawner said. “Marijuana got into our industry. Half the sculptors will come in high. As soon as we’d catch it, they’d be let go. We went through 25 sculptors. Only five of (our sculptors) either were quality or would show up unimpaired.”

Brawner went on to tell that his comments to the Colorado news outlet got “twisted out of proportion”, yet he still moved his business to the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, where “smokin’ the doja” is still illegal. He points out ; “They had an agenda. They got what they wanted and not what they heard, ” regarding the interview.

Brawner’s new move was made sweeter by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce with a $25,000 grant that helped secure a facility in North Myrtle.  He promises to employ at least 35 new hires and invest $2.65 million into his business in exchange for their offer.

Little Spider, Brawner’s company, builds Halloween-type props for several amusement parks including Six Flags and Dollywood. They employed 47 sculptors, artists and animators while in Denver.

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun Times :

“Back home, he’d been dealing with a nasty local government regulator and too many employees who came to work stoned after Colorado legalized marijuana, and so his wife’s wish fell on willing ears. He started looking for space on Craig’s List, and when that didn’t pan out, he contacted a couple of local Realtors.”

It appears all Brawner truly would like is for his misconstrued remarks that gained notoriety through his KUSA interview, to just fade away:

“A painter doesn’t do production as quick as we want. If you build a house you can build a house to the plans. When we’re asking you to sculpt a giant dinosaur, and it has to have personality and stuff, when you’re high you can’t see it. Your whole body says its good enough, when it’s not. The quality suffers.”

According to the Colorado news source, Little Spider’s decision to leave their state is the first business they have heard of leaving because of the legalization of “maryjane” in 2013.








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