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College students in general continue to let me down. Not that it’s all about me or anything, but some of what I see saddens me for the future of our country. I know, there are many college students that are not clueless on this level, but it’s distressing to watch Dan Joseph from MRCTV quiz these students on the campus of the University of Maryland. Maybe it’s just my age and maybe I couldn’t recognize a picture of Howard Taft, so perhaps our worry is misplaced.

I suppose you can excuse those who thought he’s a country music artist, I mean, he is wearing a cowboy hat after all.  Plus, the poor girl was not even a country fan.

At least some of them recognized that he was a president of the US, one specifically naming George H.W. Bush. But one guessed he was Kenny Rogers.

Joseph took pity on those that had absolutely no clue.

“So, when they gave me a wrong answer, I just told them they were right and let them go about their day, having no idea that they know less about American history than a fourth-grader who sits in the back of the classroom and eats paste,” he said.

Happily though, there were a few that could name him. I’m sure they wouldn’t have had any trouble naming a picture of Lady Gaga.


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