BREAKING: Texas Makes A Huge Announcement – Is Secession On The Horizon?

A relatively under-reported announcement by the Texas State Legislature is catching fire this week as Texans and Americans everywhere are increasingly bothered by the Federal Government.

In an unprecedented move, the Texas Legislature announced that Texas’ size-able4, stockpile of gold (the nations-largest) would be moved from HSBC Bank in New York City to another location that is within the borders of Texas.

A growing number of conservatives are supporting the move, especially those who have begun to question the future of the United States economy, who have begun to doubt America’s post-2016 economic future. Many have laid blame for the US Economy’s struggles squarely at the feet of President Barack Obama and the leftist policies that he has instituted.

The bill passed easily through the state legislature, which has a strong conservative base (on most issues). After signing the bill announcing the move, Governor Greg Abbott tweeted, “California may be the golden state, but Texans deserve to keep their gold in-state!”

In a country with 18.2 Trillion dollars in debt, many readers might be asking themselves, how large is Texas’s stockpile and more so, why is this move significant?


Edwin Truman, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Peterson Institute for International Economics and an expert on gold and monetary policy said,

“Just moving it [the gold] would be pretty expensive and unless Texas is anticipating withdrawing from the Union, which I suspect some people want, I don’t see what advantage it is.”

A significant problem for Texas is that it doesn’t currently have a bullion depository like the federal government’s depository at Fort Knox, Ky. So, a big part of the moving expense will be to build a repository.

Image: CNBC.

Authors SIDE NOTE on Fort Knox: Having visited Fort Knox, I was relatively unimpressed by the security measures. Without going into too many details, it certainly left me wondering if America still had any gold to protect.

What is your take on Texas’ move to centralize its economic future? Has the over-reaching federal government pushed Texas too far? Is Texas formulating a plan to put an end to its involvement in the “Socialist States Of America”?



10 Comments on "BREAKING: Texas Makes A Huge Announcement – Is Secession On The Horizon?"

  1. Avatar mario smeriglio | July 7, 2015 at 3:39 pm |

    Go for it Texas, I have been waiting for you to use you sovereignty !
    I was born there , have many family there, and mom and others born there too!
    If I hear it will be coming true, I will be down to give all the help I am able, Texas all the way!!

  2. Dumb headline. Texas is not looking towards secession. Please do your homework and stop spreading myth.

    • Burden of proof rests on you to disprove the article. Because you say so, or disagree carries no weight. Educate us.

      • Avatar burden is actually on the claimant | July 8, 2015 at 11:53 am |

        Actually proof would be on the person who first made a claim, and the articles author is making the claim that secession is on the horizon, but posts no proof. The burden is on the author to prove their claim, not Mark to disprove it.

    • Do your own homework, Mark. You are clearly blissfully ignorant of what is happening within Texas’ borders.

  3. Actually, ‘burden’ IS correct. And actually it says ‘IS secession on the horizon’ learn to read sometime please.

    Now, being a Resident of Texas, I can fully say, that SHOULD it come to the point that the State Considers Secession, the over whelming majority of the States Citizens would be FOR it. Additionally, should this article be true and Texas plans to move its supply of Gold to within the State, building a Repository would not be a problem as this state has MORE than enough labor and supplies, and by far more guns to protect it than anywhere else…….Fort Knox would look pansy ass compared to what Texas would be able to do…….

  4. Actually millions of Texans do want to assert their right of self-determination and leave the lawless federal government’s grip. Uncle Sam is broke and senile…. There is an active movement to get it on the ballot next May. They will be in Houston for today tomorrow and Saturday before moving to other parts of Texas.

  5. Avatar D. A. Smith | July 9, 2015 at 10:15 pm |

    Texas knows, just like those poor gold “owners” in the MF Global debacle now know, that if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

  6. I heard the senator that proposed the bill on Dallas radio speaking with host Hal J. Hal asked if returning the gold had anything to do with secession. Naturally he replied, “that’s just silly.”

    The size of the facility needed to house the gold? A small bedroom would work. He said this pile of gold is only about the size an office desk. However; it does weigh about 80,000 pounds.

  7. “especially those who have begun to question the future of the United States economy” took long enough for them to see it…the currency cannot hold up under the perpetually growing national debt (about $18,000,000,000,000): consider this: if the US stopped ALL spending today and ALL interest on the debt was waived AND we paid $1,000,000 per day toward the $18 trillion, it would take a little over 49,000 years to pay it off…still think the US can remain solvent while trying to borrow its way out of debt? When the dollar collapses (and it will in about 5 or 10 years), the great depression will look like a cakewalk in comparison…

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