BREAKING: Police Take Heavy Gun-Fire At Ferguson Protests, Possible Casualties Reported

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This is an ongoing story. More details to come

Reports have that there have been two different officer involved shootings in Ferguson, Missouri as protesters took to the streets on the anniversary of the Mike Brown shooting.

Police and protesters engaged earlier in the night as officers attempted to disperse crowds that had gathered to mark the 1 year anniversary of the death of Mike Brown. The Associated Press is currently reporting that two officer involved shootings occurred after police took heavy gunfire after a confrontation with protesters. A number of unconfirmed reports indicate that Ferguson is yet again devolving into wide-spread violence and criminal acts against police.

AP Photo

AP Photo


The AP is now reporting that there may be isolated looting at one store on West Florrisant. A photo from the AP shows police standing near a broken cash register in front of one local business that was apparently looted.

 (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson


UPDATE 1:02AM: Police confirm that an officer shot a protester.

UPDATE 12:58AM: St Louis County Police confirm an officer involved shooting after patrol cars came under fire.


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  1. The police should simple abandon any attempt at policing Ferguson. Let the animals run the zoo themselves.

  2. Avatar Cecil Widner | August 10, 2015 at 3:25 am |

    All these thugs bums punks and ignorant people the cops should just give the animals the town and let them kill each other.

  3. Avatar echo sierra | August 10, 2015 at 3:39 am |

    The rise of The Looting Class, courtesy of Barrack Hussein.

  4. Just what OBAMA wants, now he has reason to hollar MARTIAL LAW, idiots!!!!!

  5. I agree…let the cops leave the center and just try to keep it contained to one area instead of trying to disperse them. Let them figure it out. Enough is enough…we can’t fix stupid, and I’m talking about the rioters, looters, etc. Thank you officers for helping that city strive to be one of respect and goodwill. Saying prayers

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