Billionaire Gun Control Backer Michael Bloomberg Considering Presidential Bid As A Democrat Against Hillary Clinton

Clinton vs. Bloomberg for the Democrat nominee? It could happen! (image source: AP)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Republican turned Independent, is said to be mulling over a presidential run against Hillary Clinton for the DEMOCRAT presidential nomination, according to New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin. He says he has talked to several New York Democrats who believe that Bloomberg, who has become a major backer of stricter gun control standards, is thinking about changing his political affiliation to run for president as a Democrat.

Reportedly several prominent Democrats have been urging him along and Goodwin says that one such Democrat told him that the Party switch for the run would be “no problem” for Democratic voters to accept. The whole party affiliation thing is a non-issue because Bloomberg was a Democrat before he became a Republican (to run for office) and before he left the GOP to become an Independent. Many who look at his staunch support for gun control, his pro-choice positions and his support for same-sex marriage say not only was he a Democrat before, but has remained a Democrat through all of his Party transfers. He proposes to balance the budget by raising taxes, is in favor of creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and while he lacks the foreign policy background of Clinton as Secretary of State, he is a well-traveled, global businessman.

As the scandal-ridden Clinton “skeletons in the closet” keep rising from the grave like an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the idea of a Bloomberg candidacy for the Democratic nomination has been gaining steam. Bloomberg may be the only politician who could carry the Democratic torch if Clinton implodes, according to USA Today columnist Michael Wolff. ‘Michael Bloomberg may be the only guy with enough money to save the Democrats from themselves,’ he wrote. Other Clinton challengers have failed to even come close to her in national polls and party leaders fear that she has too much baggage to win the White House. Nearly six in 10 voters believe she’s untrustworthy, according to a recent a CNN poll released this week.

Ironically, the reasoning behind his viability as a Democrat, the self-professed party of the common man, is the fact that his net worth is roughly 36 billion dollars, making him the 14th wealthiest person in the world and making the top ten at No. 10 in America. As Michael Wolff argued,

‘A Michael Bloomberg-size fortune in effect neutralizes the issue of outside money in politics. Why donate money which, against the Bloomberg resources, only has ever-diminishing value? Other billionaires would sensibly retreat.’

His wealth and national name recognition are seen as assets in the fight against the Clinton ‘political machine.’ One Democrat who spoke to the New York Post suggested that Bloomberg might be enticed to give it a shot because ‘Mike can’t stand Hillary,’ who was a former Senator for New York. The Clinton’s still maintained residency in New York as well as Washington D.C. during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Will Bloomberg run? Could he be Clinton’s kryptonite? Could his Republican NYC Mayor past and “independent” status draw across party lines in a general election? At this point he is reportedly considering it, as he did in 2008, but whether he throws his hat in the ring or not could depend on just how vulnerable Hillary Clinton appears to be as the campaign plays out.

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