Award Winning Reporter: Obama Lied About Raid on Osama Bin Laden

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Pulitzer prize-winning writer, Seymour Hersh, has published a report in which he claims President Obama and cronies lied to America and the world about the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Mr. Hersh, who won his Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, says that the information he was provided with came from an anonymous US Intelligence Officer who had been involved in the search for Bin Laden. After reviewing the information, Hersh was then able to confirm its evidence with two former security officers that worked for the Special Operations Commands.

In his report, Hersh said that the biggest lie perpetrated by the Obama Administration was that General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, (Pakistani Army Chief Of Staff) and General Shuha Pasha (Director General of the Pakistani ISI) had never been informed of the US raid on the Abbottabad compound where Bin Laden had resided. In addition, Hersh said that Osama bin Laden has been under Pakistani control since 2006; this had been kept secret as part of a scheme to protect information regarding Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks from becoming evident to US Congressional Investigators.

Hersh continued, offering that the second crucial lie told by Obama & cronies is that bin Laden had been captured after an US Intelligence investigation tracked him through a series of couriers. Instead, Hersh says the US located bin Laden after a Pakistani Intelligence Official entered the CIA’s Head Quarters in Pakistan offering the information in hopes of receiving US protection and to collect the bounty on bin Laden’s head.

American officials did not notify the Pakistanis of this development, says Hersh, for fear that the ISI would have bin Laden moved to another location and he would disappear. This is further supported by the fact that the Navy Seal incursion into the Abbottabad compound was met by very little significant resistance; if bin Laden had been hiding without Pakistani protection, it is likely that the compound would have had many more additional armed security personnel.

Asad Durrani, a former Pakistani General who led the ISI in the 90’s, told Hersh that high-ranking Pakistani officials had been privy to the US operation before it was launched, the report said:

“When your version comes out – if you do it – people in Pakistan will be tremendously grateful.  For a long time people have stopped trusting what comes out about bin Laden from the official mouths. There will be some negative political comment and some anger, but people like to be told the truth, and what you’ve told me is essentially what I have heard from former colleagues who have been on a fact-finding mission since this episode.’ As a former ISI head, he said, he had been told shortly after the raid by ‘people in the “strategic community” who would know’ that there had been an informant who had alerted the US to bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad, and that after his killing the US’s betrayed promises left Kayani and Pasha exposed.

Has this new scandal Obama with nowhere to run? A well-known, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter seems to have nailed him on this one. American’s are certainly sure to hear more about Scandal before all is said and done.

4 Comments on "Award Winning Reporter: Obama Lied About Raid on Osama Bin Laden"

  1. Avatar Ethan Hagen | May 11, 2015 at 11:32 pm |

    “Obama lied.” Doesn’t seem like new news to me… I’m just glad he might finally be cornered.

  2. Avatar Dale watson | May 12, 2015 at 12:53 am |

    Every president lies or will lie I would rather have my president lie because there’s some shit out there I don’t want to know about and besides the muther fucker was killed by the navy seals that’s all I want to know oh and also man can you pull some strings and send me into some military group where I can just go on fuckd up missions so the younger men don’t have to

  3. Avatar Wolfwolveswolf | May 12, 2015 at 11:33 am |

    Well when I was 18, 19, 20, 21, etc., I learned well just how important I was in the scheme of things, as in NOT! “Now for the rest of the story,” existence a flash, and just about over.

  4. Avatar Satan Lazarus | May 12, 2015 at 8:21 pm |

    Can he really lie about things that he doesn’t know about? He is just a puppet. A stupid puppet.

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