Articles by Andrew Coyne

Ammo Regulation | Dems Push ‘New Ideas’ to Curb Gun Violence

A group of thirty one Democrats in the house have now proposed legislature to prevent people from buying ammunition online; the legislation would instead require all ammunition purchased to be made in person, their goal? To prevent Americans from buying “unlimited” ammunition via the internet.

Knife Rights: The New Second Amendment Frontier

For a long time, most American’s have only considered the Second Amendment to protect their right to own and carry firearms. Naturally, the hot-button debate over gun rights has all but overshadowed the debate over other “arms”, such as knives.

Armed Citizen Saves Rookie Police Officer

Things were looking grim for Rookie OKC Police Officer Adam Eller. After responding to a burglary report on the north-west side of Oklahoma City, Eller was assaulted by one of the burglary suspects, and severely beaten with his own baton.