Armed Woman Shoots Parolee Fleeing Arrest

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Jennifer Doolittle of Redding, California took her personal safety into her own hands on Monday the 11th and allowed the local law enforcement to capture a parolee who was fleeing from arrest.


Escape Parolee, Dillon Carmello, was shot by Jennifer Doolittle. Photo by

Dillon Carmelo is a registered sex offender under Megan’s Law with a weapons charge who is required to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet while out on parole. Carmelo start acting erratically and believed to be under the influence of a control substance.

Carmelo was confronted by law enforcement who had him at gunpoint. Carmelo while standing off with the police was reaching for his pockets and acting as if he was carrying firearm, but instead would point his cell phone at deputies as if it were a firearm. Despite the officers having Carmelo at gunpoint, he managed to escape and started making his way through residential backyards on foot.

Doolittle received word from a reverse 911 alert that a parolee that was fleeing law enforcement was heading in the direction of which she lived. Doolittle was brave enough to run and grab her pistol before she going outside to retrieve her dogs to bring them inside. As she was in the process of bringing in her dogs she saw that Carmello was coming over her fence. Once making it into her backyard he charged at her, and appeared to be reaching for her firearm. She began firing her gun several times at him which succeeded at stopping his further advance towards her.

Carmello was captured with the use of the Shasta County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit dog, Thor. Carmello was transferred to the local hospital to be treated for the ankle wound he received when Doolittle fired her gun at him. He will be charged with resisting arrest as well as parole violations.

According to Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, citizens have every right to defend themselves and their family with a firearm while remaining within the limits of the laws. Doolittle was unaware of law enforcement that were pursuing Carmello at the time to take him into custody. By Doolittle firing directly at the suspect she was well within her legal rights of self-defense. No law enforcement officials were harmed by Doolittle firing her gun at Carmello.

Doolittle was questioned and released by detectives shortly after the incident occurred.




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  1. She shot directly at the suspect several times and hit him once in the ankle. She must be a very poor shot and very lucky he didn’t take her gun away and use it on her.

  2. Avatar Johnny J. Buller | May 16, 2015 at 1:46 pm |

    In too many of these case “law enforcement” will find something to charge the homeowner with and confiscate the weapon. Many Americans have become so afraid of guns that they want to leave law-abiding citizens defenseless against the thugs. The latest tactic is to make it impossible to buy ammunition for weapons we already have.

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