Analysis: Ferguson and Baltimore Riots Linked

Source: Grae Stafford

A government contractor revealed exclusive details on the Baltimore riots and their link to the riots last summer in Ferguson, MO.


Fox News reported that a un-named data mining firm found that up to 50 social media users who were present during the peak violence in Baltimore yesterday were also present in Ferguson during the period of peak violence there.

The riots came in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man who died after being injured in police custody. The violence started around 3pm (EST), immediately following Gray’s funeral.

While these “professional protesters”/”grass roots activists” are still under investigation as further analysis is being conducted, we can only hope that these anarchists who took advantage of  this young man’s death to incite violence will be brought to justice.

At least one social media user present was also tracked to the union protests in New York City and other incidents. More disturbingly, the user sent out tweets using language that clearly anticipated violence.

The very fact that these social media users were located in cities 825 miles apart when violence boiled over was “surprising”, the firm said. Social media was used extensively to incite violence as was confirmed by Law Enforcement officials.

At least one “meme”(or internet-flyer) called for a “purge” – a reference to the horror film series “The Purge” where a yearly government-sponsored event permits all crime for one night – to occur at the Mondawmin Mall at 3PM local time.

In addition to the threats made by anarchists, The Washington Time also reported that law enforcement officials issued a warning to officers concerning a meeting that took place between a number of rival criminal gangs who reportedly vowed to “kill cops” instead of each other. Intelligence officials also issued warnings concerning a ‘mass-text’ encouraging rioters to “kill all white police officers”.

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