America’s Oldest Vet Celebrates 109th Birthday With Cigars, Burgers & And Guns

Richard Overton, 109 shows off some of his prized firearms/

The oldest living World War II veteran, Richard Overton turned 109 years-young (today) May llth, celebrating with cigars, burgers, whiskey, milkshakes and guns.  I might just have to restructure my life, and follow his examples for longevity.

The proud Texan from the Austin area still drives his car, manages his own lawn and still has time to escorts widows to church on Sunday, celebrated this amazing milestone with an outdoor soiree that included a very appropriate theme entitled; “Mighty Fine At 109”.  Although he has a party every year, this one was a bit more special as Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries and Shakes sponsored the event.

As would be expected, people are always asking him the secret to a long life, and Overton simply replies with complete honesty, that it really isn’t up to him.

“You have to ask God about that. He brought me here and he’s taking care of me, and nothing I can do about it,” the veteran said. “I can talk about what he’s doing for me.”

Overton who has his own Wikipedia page, was born Richard Arvine Overton on May 11th, 1906 in Bastrop county, and served in the Pacific Theater from 1942-1945 as part of the all-black 1887th Engineer Aviator Battalion, whose responsibilities included building and maintaining airfields.  Overton returned from the war, and began working at an Austin furniture store, and worked until he was around 100. author Ben Phillipi writes:

“I recently had the honor of visiting with Richard at his home in Austin, Texas. Now, he credits his health and longevity to smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and being able to defend himself and his country with firearms.

He’s hung out with everyone from the president and senators and celebrities.

I wanted to do something different with Richard and since this is, I asked him to show me some of his own personal firearms.”

The Washington Post states that Overton never believed our country would have a black president, met President Obama in 2013 at the Arlington National Cemetery where the president made special mention of his accomplishments:

“When the war ended, Richard headed home to Texas to a nation bitterly divided by race,” Obama said in 2013. “And his service on the battlefield was not always matched by the respect that he deserved at home. But this veteran held his head high. He carried on and lived his life with honor and dignity.”

All I can say is; “My hat is off to you sir. You are a shining example of a true American, and I for one salute you!”



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