Absent Government Help, Volunteers Deliver Quake Aid Via Bike in Nepal

Nepali Volunteers Delivering AidPhoto Credit | Al Jazeera

The Nepalese government is failing to deliver even basic health and sanitation services in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal late last week, so local people are providing where their government is failing.

According to Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Jamjoom, reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal had serious humanitarian problems before the earthquake struck, with the government’s inability to provide basic health and sanitation services.

Things got far worse after the earthquake, forcing volunteers to pick up the slack.

According to Jamjoom, Young Nepalis are organising and are using their own transportation to go to relief missions on their bikes to reach remote and hard-hit areas.

The earthquake which hit Nepal, occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April. The earthquake killed more than 7,000 people and injured more than twice that. The epicenter of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake was in the Barpak village of Gorkha district with a hypocenter at a depth of approximately 9.3 miles.

Aftershocks continue throughout Nepal with one reaching a magnitude of 6.7 the very next day. There are also continued risk of landslides as well.

Source: Al Jazeera

Source: Earthquake-Report.com


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